How to Prevent Getting Hurt from Slips and Falls at Work

by Editorial Team October 22nd, 2018 | Common Conditions
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Slips and falls cause millions of injuries per year. The majority of these accidents happen on the same level. Moreover, they contribute to sick days, lost wages and emotional stress. Many of these incidents could have been avoided with some simple prevention awareness. Especially while at work, you should actively take steps to avoid an accident. While your employer may provide sufficient training and safety notices, the responsibility to stay healthy remains on you. To keep yourself healthy and working, this post will explain how to prevent slips and falls at work.

Clean Up Your Space

In your space at work, clean up anything that could be hazardous to your walking. You might have boxes laying around, loose cables or other objects out of place. Something as simple as a book on the floor or garbage bin out of place could be easily put away. If you keep a clean working environment, you can avoid tripping or slipping on something that was not supposed to be there in the first place. On top of that, you will become more productive when you clean up. A neat and well organized environment can have many physiological effects on your performance. This is useful for improving both women’s and men’s health. Above all, simply cleaning up around you could prevent a serious injury or painful accident.

Turn On The Lights

Keeping the lights on can keep you on your feet. Whether you are opening up or closing down a location, it is easy to walk through a dark room. Rather than trying to save a couple minutes, make sure that you always turn on the lights. For certain commercial spaces where the lights may take a few minutes to turn on, wait until the area is well lit. If something is out of place or falls, you can see it clearly rather than risking your body. Simply, turn the lights on while working to see where you are going without any slips or falls.

Hold The Hand Rails

If your job has multiple floors, traveling up and down the stairs could result in a fall. Of course, taking the stairs is much more active than the elevator. However, it doesn’t have to become a riskier activity. Creating a new habit, make your ascent or descent much more secure by holding on to the hand rails on the stairs. Depending on the type of flooring, it could be very easy to slip and fall. Be cautious of hardwood stairs, loose carpets or landing rugs. With your hand on the rail, there is a chance to catch yourself from falling.

Exercise Regularly

If you want to feel better at work and prevent a slip or fall, exercise could be a great way to accomplish both at the same time. Regular exercise helps you with your overall stamina. This will lower the chances of you getting tired at work and falling due to carelessness or fatigue. On top of that, you can add various routines that will improve your balance and flexibility. In a situation where you do slip, some athletic training could prepare you to stay on your toes. Of course, a regular workout program would help prevent diabetes as well as keep you safe and healthy at work.

Stop Rushing At Work

At work, rushing can lead to a slip or fall. Many people have packed schedules at their job. You can find them running between meetings, appointments or customers. When you are rushing, you are more likely to misstep or fall. It’s better to be a little late to your meeting than to suffer an injury and have to schedule appointments to the doctor’s office. In fact, Jonathan Perkins Injury Attorneys states, “We regularly remind clients to visit their doctors and keep records of all treatments, prescriptions, therapy sessions, and more.”If you experience a slip and fall accident, you could have to attend many more appointments. There will always be more work to do in your current position. But, you can only complete it all by slowing down and taking care of your safety. When it comes to fall prevention at work, you should have a cautious approach so you don’t get hurt while rushing.

Follow these easy steps to prevent a slip and fall at work. Start by cleaning up your space so that it is easy to move around your working environment. If you work early mornings or late nights, turn the lights on so it is bright enough to see clearly. When traveling up or down the stairs, hold the hand rails and pay attention to your steps. Exercise on a consistent basis so that you can improve your balance, athleticism and overall stamina. Lastly, do not rush while at work. Prioritize your health and safety by preventing an accident. Some simple preventative actions can avoid the pain of slips and falls.

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