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by Editorial Team August 9th, 2018 | Common Conditions
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In modern times, it seems that it is a badge of honor to declare, “I am busy.” Truthfully, many of us are busy between work, family, friends, home, and more. There just aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. However, with just a little bit of planning, we can find some free time and maybe even whisper, “I’m not that busy.”

Meal prep

You probably can’t cut back on the number of hours you need to be at your job, but you can make your evenings easier. There are many ways to make dinnertime less hectic. One way is to prep in advance. After your weekly shopping trip, come home and chop up veggies and store them in containers, so that they’re ready for the meal. A second way is to make multiple meals at one time. If you’re making chicken pot pie on Monday, cook extra chicken for a Caesar salad dinner later in the week.

One grocery trip

Notice above that I mentioned going on a weekly grocery trip. That’s right. Only go once a week. Make a list of meals and what is needed. Don’t forget to plan for breakfasts and any lunches or snacks you’ll need. If you can shop just once a week, that will save you many minutes from the extra shopping trips you currently make.

Shop online

The number of things that can be bought on line, reliably, is quite amazing. While you may think of ordering new light bulbs, there are so many other things. Have a prescription to fill? Don’t wait in line; get it filled at Simple Online Pharmacy.

Home care for all

If you have a roommate, partners, and/or children, make caring for the home a group chore. Even children as young as two can help out. While you’re vacuuming, have your toddler dust or pick up toys. Keep a schedule for these things. Maybe set aside an hour every Saturday to clean the main rooms in the house. If you do it regularly, it will be easier.


Combine jobs whenever you can. For example, laundry shouldn’t be a chore done on its own. Maybe throw a load in the washer while you’re making dinner. It should be ready for folding after dinner is done. Taking the dog for a walk? Need to call a friend or family member? Do both at once.

There are many other things you can do to simplify life. Take these ideas, and start to destress. Then see what else you can do to make life even easier.

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