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How I’m Getting My Winter Body in Summer Shape (Fast!)

by Editorial Team April 3rd, 2014 Special Interest Section
Hey Bostonians, are you ready for warmer weather? Boston summers are the best. Boston summers mean beach parties, Red Sox games, food festivals, fishing, and so much more…It’s a regular Smorgasbord of activity, except if you’re like me, you’re not looking your best, and the summer is actually a daunting reality. I’ve grown soft since winter, and it’s going to take some work to get this body beach ready.

I have roughly two months to lose 15 pounds, get my skin in order, update my wardrobe, update my hairstyle, and generally reinvent my tubby tuckus for swimsuit season. Like you,
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Health Observance - Birth Defects Prevention

Children’s Diets During American Heart Month

by Joe Lawrence March 30th, 2014 Children's Health, Health Observance
February is American Heart Month where we need to highlight the heart disease requiring research and those that we already know how to prevent with proper care. Adults, for the most part, know what needs to be done to make a difference. However, when it comes to our children we often ignore the truths, especially when it comes to their diets.

There are very few, if any, people on this planet who wouldn't argue that fast food is terrible for heart health. Why then, do we allow them to eat fast food two to three times per week? On any
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Change Your Thinking and Lose Weight

by Kimberly Hays April 1st, 2014 Diet The Mindful Diet is a diet geared toward using your thoughts to make you more aware of what and how you eat, which in turn is supposed to help you lose weight while also making you happier. Adopting small changes like eating slowly, eating at the table so you can enjoy the smells and tastes instead of mindlessly overeating while focused on the television will lead to weight loss because you will be aware when you are full. It is also supposed to make a meal more pleasurable. There are also tips on dining out, what foods you should Read More

Weekly Health Quiz

Someone told me that 30% of babies born in the US have birth defects. Is that true?


Ask The Doctor

Coloring Your Hair While Pregnant

by Dean Heller MD January 10th, 2014 Ask the Doctor
Q:  I am pregnant, and I went to the salon and they told me not to color my hair when I'm pregnant.  I am turning grey and it does not look good. Are they correct? HELP!

A:  While many women choose to avoid any possible toxins during pregnancy, and some are very well proven that you must avoid, like alcohol, smoking, and many medications, some of the wives tales are not as clear.  When you review the literature, there is no clear association between coloring your hair and birth defects, so we will leave it to you to make the decision.

To learn
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Easy Ways to Communicate

by Lori Sciame March 31st, 2014 Relationships
letter (400x400)Staying connected to loved ones can be difficult.  There always seems to be something that gets in the way of keeping in touch.  Even those that live in the same house may not see each other enough, as jobs, school, extra-curricular activities, and other obligations pull family members in different directions.  There are ways, however, to keep the lines of communication open - and thriving.

Hand Written Notes

Though out of vogue for many, hand written notes offer a wonderful means of communication. For years, I've slipped loving notes into my children's lunches and even in my husband's briefcase. I do
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