Men’s Health: Lessons Learned

by Louise June 22nd, 2017
June is Men's Health Month. Did you know that June 10-16 was National Men's Health Week? Some organizations hosted special events for the occasion. The purpose of the event was to increase the awareness of preventable health problems, as well as to encourage early detection of disease among males.
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Easy Tips = Big Benefits

by Lori Sciame June 15th, 2017
Thinking about improving one's overall health can be overwhelming. Today's overabundance of information, coming in from all directions, from TV to the Internet, can cause one's head to spin. Many men ask, "how can I sift through all the do's and don'ts to find out the best health information for me?"

First and foremost, one must skip advice that doesn't come from a reliable source. For instance, should a man take advice from the local electrician on what cancer treatment
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Healthy Foods?

by Lori Sciame June 8th, 2017
On a diet and wondering what to eat? Besides the obvious, raw carrots and celery, it can be confusing to find foods that are truly healthy. Why? Sometimes consumers can be fooled by descriptive labels on foods. For instance, just because something is called healthy, doesn't automatically make it that way. In addition, true portion sizes of healthy foods can be tricky to determine.  Remember, everything should be eaten in moderation! To learn more about foods that may not
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  • Snacks for Student Athletes

    by Lori Sciame June 1st, 2017
    Children who participate in sports have special nutritional needs. From needing additional liquids, to requiring lots of protein to build muscles, active students should be mindful of what they eat and drink. Although all children should consume "good for them" foods, it is even more important for those that engage in rigorous workouts to not eat empty calories. For a lengthy list of healthy snacks, and to learn more
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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Dry Skin

    by Louise May 25th, 2017
    A change of seasons can often be a trigger for dry skin problems. In the winter, the cold and dry weather is particularly harsh on skin; however, summer comes with its own set of problems. Indoors, changes in air conditioning and heating cause moisture changes in the air, which in turn affects skin. Outdoors, leaving unprotected skin under the sun will lead to sun burns and dry, peeling skin.
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  • Women’s Health 101

    by Jessica B. May 18th, 2017
    There are a few simple things a woman can do to make her feel better and stay healthy. They aren’t always easy to fit in with a busy schedule, but will pay off greatly in the future. They are also not as painful and difficult as you may imagine. Here are a few tips for a woman to stay healthy no matter what her age!

    1) Sleep! It is something
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