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Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention

by Louise July 30th, 2021
According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million Americans are living with diabetes. Of these millions of people, only 18.8 million people are diagnosed, which means that an estimated 7.0 million Americans, children and adults, are living with undiagnosed diabetes.

There are two main types, known simply as Type 1
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Family Meals and Nutrition

by Kimberly Hays July 23rd, 2021
If one good thing has come from the poor economy, it is that families are starting to eat more meals at home instead or eating out so often. This gives everyone time to connect and find out what happened with everyone’s day, and leads to better nutrition. Studies have proven that children who eat together with their family make better food choices when it comes to snacking, and they will often choose fruits and vegetables more often over sugary
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Healthy Foods of Summer

by Lori Sciame July 16th, 2021
Summer offers long days of sunshine coupled with plenty of heat. Add sufficient rain, and these factors make it possible for a variety of produce to flourish. Food fresh from the garden tastes wonderful, it's low in calories, and best of all, it's good for you!  Read this post on our sister web site, My Fitness Tunes, about summer super foods, and learn about which foods pack the most punch for those that work out.  Happy
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  • The Cancer Fighting Diet

    by Lori Sciame July 9th, 2021
    Cancer sucks!  We all know people who have suffered from this ravaging disease, and many readers may have battled it as well.  One way to kick cancer's butt is to begin eating in a way as to prevent it from happening in the first place. Dr. Joel Furman has developed what he calls the G.O.M.B.S. Diet to help people to do just that. In essence, he states that greens,
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  • Hydrate with Food

    by Lori Sciame July 2nd, 2021
    During the summer months, humans perspire more in order to keep the body cool.  This can lead to dehydration, especially in older adults.  This is because the thirst mechanism, the feeling of being parched, lessens as one ages.  So keeping hydrated as one ages, and if one exercises outdoors, can be tricky.  The good news is that many foods have a high water content, meaning they can assist in
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  • Where Men and Women Differ

    by Louise June 25th, 2021
    I'm all for equality, but dieting provides an exception.

    There are some facts that can't be argued with. On average, men tend to be taller and more muscular than women. The larger and more muscular one is, the more calories one needs to consume to maintain that size, therefore, men typically need more calories than women. The 2,000-calorie diet, which the nutritional panel on most products is based on, can
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