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Deficiency Prevention for Vegetarians

by Louise March 11th, 2015 Health Observance
As we flip our calendars to March, we welcome the 40th annual National Nutrition Month sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics! The National Nutrition Month 2013 theme is, "Eat right, your way. Every day." The idea is to acknowledge that food preferences, cultural traditions, ethnic traditions and health concerns can all affect the food choices that we make, but we can always find a personalized nutrition plan that works for our lifestyle as well as our body.

Though the exact numbers are uncertain, it is estimated that, about 3% of Americans follow a vegetarian diet. There are often
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Birth Defects: Age Matters

by Lori Sciame February 18th, 2015 Health Observance, Men's Health
Every parent hopes to have a healthy newborn, yet birth defects remain fairly common in the United States.  In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that every 4.5 minutes, a child comes into this world with some type of defect.  To raise awareness about doing everything possible to ensure healthy birth outcomes, this post features information for fathers to be on the link between age and birth defects.  It is appropriate that during January, Birth Defects Prevention Month, that both men and women learn all they can about producing healthy children.

What Qualifies as a Birth
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What is Miso?

by Lori Sciame March 10th, 2015 Diet Japanese and Chinese diets rely heavily on miso.  These cultures swear by the health benefits of miso, which is a soybean paste.  Why is this unusual food product so good for the human body?  For starters, it can help to detox the body, and it can help to prevent certain cancers.  It also contains lots of vitamins.  In fact, many Japanese begin each day by consuming miso because it works so many wonders on the body.  Read this article from our sister publication, My Fitness Tunes, to find out more about this amazing (and super) food. Read More

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Someone told me that 30% of babies born in the US have birth defects. Is that true?


Ask The Doctor

Prostate Cancer Treatment

by Dean Heller MD September 4th, 2014 Ask the Doctor
Q:  My father is 81 and was just diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His doctor is telling him that he shouldn't do anything at all and just watch to see if the cancer progresses.  He is in very good shape for his age, so I think he should be more aggressive.  I researched on the internet and there seems to be a number of options, some don't even seem so invasive.  What do you think?

A:  You are correct, there are many treatment options for prostate cancer.  These include:  surgery to remove the prostate cancer, radiation therapy,
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Carbs and Your Workout

by Lori Sciame March 9th, 2015 Diet
carrot juiceLooking for ways to have enough energy from food for an effective workout? If yes, check out this article on our sister publication, My Fitness Tunes.  Learn about the right foods to eat to keep you going while exercising. Also, learn what types of foods to avoid, including those that can be digested too easily, and the importance of not stuffing yourself before a workout at the gym. Also find out about what a glycemic index is and why it's important! Two more good reasons to click on the link above.
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