Alternative Heart Therapies

by Kimberly Hays August 7th, 2012 | Heart Health
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There are many heart conditions that can be caused by genetics, poor diet, and poor lifestyle choices. Because each person is treated on an individual basis for their heart issues, they can be prescribed a combination of medications for treatment.

Doctors are now recognizing that alternative medicines and therapies, such as herbs, vitamins, and meditation can be beneficial to heart health. While not all doctors are on board, most will still agree to the use of alternative medicines as a complementary addition to traditional Western treatments.

Be sure to speak with your doctor about whether these alternative treatments are a good choice for you before heading out to the health food store.

Omega 3’s

The conclusion of many studies proves that adding Omega 3’s to your diet can reduce the threat of death caused by heart issues by 35 percent by lowering bad HDL cholesterol levels, which will lower blood clot risk, and lower blood pressure. It has also proven to lower the risk of high triglyceride levels, which is important in treating heart disease.


Niacin helps the heart because of its ability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol), as well as raise HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Because LDL cholesterol levels are attributed to high blood pressure and heart attack, niacin works by getting rid of the cholesterol that causes clots, which will help alleviate the problems. If you are already on a cholesterol treatment with your doctor, you will need to speak with them to make adjustments in your therapy before adding a niacin supplement to your treatment.


No matter what medication you are on, you can use the power of meditation. Studies have shown that mediation lowers cardiac risks by 30 percent. It works because by lowering stress levels, which in turn lowers blood pressure. There are several types of meditation, and researchers agree that there is no certain one that is better recommended. Simply find the one that is of interest to you for best results.


Recent studies have concluded that adding turmeric to your heart therapy can greatly help by lowering the chance of blood clots, lowering blood pressure, as well as lowering cholesterol. Turmeric has long been used in Indian cuisine, and it can be added to your favorite dishes. Find it in the spice aisle, or it is also available as a supplement in the vitamin aisle in capsule and liquid forms. Turmeric also helps boost your immune system, which will help keep you in all around good health.

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