Benefits of Dental Implants

by Editorial Team April 12th, 2019 | Dental Health
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Dental implants can completely transform your appearance. Missing teeth make you look like a different person. Even if you’re appearance isn’t affected, gaps in your mouth can make it difficult to chew, especially if you’ve lost one of your lower molars. 

False teeth used to be made of unnatural, bizarre looking materials. The field has changed dramatically. Modern dental implants look and feel almost exactly like real teeth. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable about your mouth. Problems can be fixed. 

According to https://www.everhartdental.com/, “Implants are titanium posts that are directly placed in the jawbone. After time the post bonds with the bone, which lays an extremely strong foundation for restoring the tooth. When a tooth is missing the bone can deteriorate and affect the appearance of the face. Teeth can start shifting and the integrity of the entire facial structure can be compromised. When a titanium post is inserted into the bone, these situations can be completely prevented.” 

To figure out if dental implants are right for you, you need to schedule a consultation with your dentist. A good candidate will be someone who has a healthy jaw bone and enough gum tissue to support the implant. 

Here are some of the benefits you can experience if you have implants installed. 

Increased Confidence 

Missing teeth can jar your confidence. Everyone wants to have a movie star grin. After your implant procedure, your smile will be reborn. The results can give you a small jolt of confidence. When you smile in front of someone, you’ll no longer have the anxiety of wondering if they’ve noticed your missing teeth. 

Dental implant procedures vary. Some methods are completed in a day, allowing you to enjoy instant results. Others take more time. You might have to see the dentist multiple times and wait months before you can see your final results. 

Long-Lasting Results

Your implant is far hardier than your natural tooth. If you take care of it, the implant could last the rest of your life. You won’t have to worry about anything anymore. The implant’s condition shouldn’t degrade. That means it will feel just as comfortable when you’ve had it for 20 years as when you’ve had it for one. 

Implants have a high upfront cost. But the number appears far more reasonable when you consider that you’re making a lifetime investment. 

Better Chewing 

Loose or missing teeth can interfere with your eating habits. A dental implant is sturdy enough to restore full chewing ability. Not being able to eat in comfort is distressing. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people get implants. 

It might take a little time until you’re completely comfortable. The implant will fuse with your jawbone over time. 

Preserved Bone 

Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate. Implants help to preserve the bone. Otherwise, your mouth and cheeks can end up with a slightly sunken look that sometimes happens to people who lose their teeth. 


If there’s a gap in your mouth, the adjacent teeth can start curving inward. An implant will keep the surrounding teeth stable. The shifting position of your teeth helps contribute to poor chewing as well as headaches as you grind your teeth in an unnatural fashion. 

Dental implants can save you a lot of pain. 

Reduced Chance of Infection 

Missing teeth create pockets of space where bacteria can live. By filling the hole, you deprive the bacteria of a chance to move in. Gum disease is a serious problem that can have major consequences for your life. 


Dentures are far less convenient than implants. You have to remove them regularly and there may be adherence issues. Keeping your dentures in place is a messy endeavor. 

Your implant, meanwhile, doesn’t require any maintenance beyond what you would normally do. Regular brushing and flossing will suffice. 

Improved Speech

Dental problems can make it harder to speak clearly. Your implant can improve the issue. Dentures can move around in your mouth and cause you to slur your words. Just the fear that your dentures might slip could be enough to stop you from speaking. You never have to worry about that with dental implants. 

Improve the condition of your teeth is a worthwhile project. The benefits are almost too numerous to list. Your smile will look very different if you replace your missing teeth. More importantly, you’ll feel more comfortable. You’ll be able to eat without pain and speak without worrying about slipping dentures.

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