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by Dean Heller MD September 6th, 2013 | Ask the Doctor
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black high hell shoeMy foot doctor told me I have a bunion and I should wear comfortable shoes and should not squeeze my foot into tight fitting shoes.  I am very girly and single and like wearing nice shoes out, what else can I do?

Bunions are a very common problem.  Your footwear can definitely play a role in getting a bunion and making it worse, but there are other factors, some people think they may be partially hereditary.  Taking an anti-inflammatory, such as motrin can help with the inflammation of the tissue around the bones that caused the bunion.  Local therapy with warm compresses are also helpful.  You can wear nice shoes on occasion, as long as your day to day shoes are comfortable and fit well.  Some peope will need surgery for bunions.

To learn more about bunions, watch this video from VideoMD.com.

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