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Disinfect to Kill Flu Germs

by Kimberly Hays February 1st, 2019 | Common Conditions
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hand washingThis has been a rough flu season, and although some reports state that the number of cases is dropping in some areas in the United States, we are still in the middle of an epidemic. If you have anyone in your household that is experiencing the flu, or is getting over the flu, you need to take precautions to rid your home of flu germs. These tips are also good if you have any kind of contagious virus in your home, and they are great if you work in an office where viruses are rampant.

Use Paper Products – Instead of using cloth towels, use paper towels in the bathroom and kitchen that can be tossed after washing and drying hands, as well as paper napkins. This cuts down the spread of germs by 50%. If you use kitchen led lights, you’ll be able to see even better as you wash.

Wash Hands Correctly – Before drying your hands, you will want to be sure that you are washing them to properly kill germs. Use warm water and soap, and vigorously wash them for at least 25 seconds before rinsing. Antibacterial soap is not necessary. Studies have shown that people who use antibacterial soap get just as many colds and other viruses as those who use plain soap. Just be sure to lather up well.

Use the Right Products – When cleaning, be certain that the solution you use states that it is a disinfectant. Bleach is very good for eradicating germs, and it is now available in wipes so you can quickly wipe down sinks, surfaces, and handles.

Remember to Clean all Surfaces – Countertops, kitchen sinks, and bathroom sinks are areas that we concentrate on disinfecting. Be sure to clean other surfaces that are real germ catchers. Wipe down the television remotes, computer keyboards, telephones, and headphones, too.

Wash Linens Often – When someone in the house has the flu, their linens should be washed daily to try to stop the spread of germs. Use the hot water cycle in your washing machine. After the patient is over the flu, be sure to wash his or her pillow as well. Any cloth items, such as face towels and wash cloths, should also be washed in hot water daily.

Use the Dishwasher – Washing dishes, glasses, and silverware in the dishwasher will completely kill germs. We aren’t able to get them as clean, or as sanitized when we wash dishes by hand. Aside from dishes, toss any sponges or scrub brushes into the dishwasher to sanitize them as well, instead of just rinsing and reusing. This just spreads around more germs.

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