Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

by Editorial Team November 24th, 2007 | Health News
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Emergency medical evacuation insurance (which can have card personalisation) is for travelers who want to be taken to good hospitals or medical centers, even if they are in the middle of a poor and rural area. It is also for the traveler who has a medical condition, and might need specialized care. This insurance pays for an ambulance, medical helicopter or plane to transport the traveler to appropriate medical care. Sometimes the transportation is a block of seats large enough for the injured traveler, medical equipment and a medical attendant. These costs can quickly add up. The numbers of people needing evacuations are large. One major provider says they evacuated over 11,000 people in one year alone. Medical evacuation services vary from all-inclusive to more bare bones where the insurance merely provides reimbursement for evacuations costs.

The all-inclusive services provide storage of your own record of medical information. This could be very important for individuals with special medical conditions. In an emergency, the company provides this information to the attending physician to help get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Another benefit of the all-inclusive type of service is that they have their own doctors who monitor the diagnosis and treatment plan of the local doctor. Generally the service also allows telephone consultations with service doctors about any ailment concerning the traveler.

There are even policies to cover cosmetic dentistry or life insurance.

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