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Four Warning Signs of Disease

by Lori Sciame September 19th, 2011 | Diseases
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1.  Weight Issues

Each of us experiences weight loss and weight gain; however, if you begin losing weight for no reason, or you gain weight extremely rapidly, an illness could be the culprit. Consider these examples:

* Charles had always been healthy, but a few months ago he felt a new found vigor.  He started to lose weight without exercising more, and he couldn’t fall asleep.  Soon, however, he began to be troubled by vision problems; his eyes began to bulge.  After losing another 10 pounds, he decided to see a doctor…the diagnosis – hyperthyroidism.

* Sue noticed her pants seemed to feel tighter every day. At the end of a month, she had gained nine pounds, and she couldn’t zip any of her zippers.  One day at work, she noticed her abdomen was swollen on one side.  It also hurt to touch the area.  She went to the emergency room, and ended up having emergency surgery for a 10 pound growth…the diagnosis – ovarian cyst.

 2.  Thunderbolt Headaches

Tension headaches affect most Americans.  We live our lives at a frenzied pace, which many times causes our heads to hurt.  There are also headaches caused by drinking too much or even from caffeine withdrawal. Yet, when you experience a headache with a new and sudden intensity of pain, it would be smart to visit a doctor, such as dr timothy steel, who specializes in neurosurgery.  This is what happened to Jane:

* Jane knew her headaches seemed different, yet she couldn’t pin point exactly what made them unique.  One fall afternoon she was walking with her daughter. They were in the stairwell of an apartment building.  Suddenly, Janet felt intense pain and blacked out.  Soon after the incident, Janet met with her doctor…the diagnosis – malignant brain tumor.

 3.  Changing Moles

Most people have moles.  They are symmetrical, raised markings on the skin.  Although the number of moles each person has varies, the important thing to realize is that moles can turn cancerous.  Tom found out too late that his mole meant bad news.

* One afternoon, Tom’s wife noticed the mole on his back seemed larger than normal, and it had started to grow only on one side.  A visit to the doctor the next week confirmed the doctor’s suspicion – skin cancer.

 4.  Shortness of Breath

After we exercise, we many times experience the feeling of not being able to catch our breath; however, we know that if we rest, our breath will return shortly.  But what happens when we can never catch our breath? One easy way to be aware of breathing issues is to take a pulmonary test. Don’t wonder; have answers so you don’t become Bob.

* Bob, a prominent member of his community, sat on the city council.  He began noticing that his breathing seemed harder and harder to control. It became especially bad when he had to speak at the podium.  Finally, at his wife’s insistence, Bob went to the clinic…the diagnosis – Congestive Heart Failure.

The lesson to be learned from all of these examples:  listen to your body.  When something is not right, have it checked out by your doctor. (All names have been changed).

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