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How to Enjoy Your Best Health After Age 50- A Guide for Women

by Editorial Team August 4th, 2018 | Common Conditions
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About to turn 50? Wondering what’s up ahead? Be happy! You are joining the ranks of people who are living their best lives in this decade of life.

What’s more, medical advances, quality of life, and life expectancy all continue to improve with each year that passes.

Want to fully live up to what could be your best decade ever?Follow these pointers that experts, nutritionists, and others in the medical community advise.

Pay attention to your smile.

Going to a dentist regularly to get advice on your teeth can help you stay on top of your smile. Your dentist can let you know if dental implants are better than denturesin your case, and a host of other issues that you may have been wondering about.

Having a great smile and taking care of your oral health has an effect that is social as well as physical.

As the years pass, our social network gains in importance. But issues like missing teeth, a dull smile, or dentures that feel unstable can all cause us to shy away from social events.

Invest time in this important aspect of your health and you won’t regret it.

Manage menopause with grace.

Some deal with menopause symptoms in their 40s, some in their 60s. But for many women, their 50s is when the symptoms hit.

Symptoms include bone loss, sleep issues, overall moodiness, and hot flashes. But many of these symptoms can be managed with attention paid to nutrition.

For example, Healthline.com suggests wild yam, licorice, red clover, or black cohosh for managing hot flashes. These foods are high in plant-sourced hormones, which can reverse some of the hormonal changes that take place during this transition.

Be mindful of foods that could increase body temperature. For instance, skip the hot sauces and the alcohol. On another note, dress in layers so that you can cool down easily and put on a layer if your body temperature fluctuates.

Build muscle and burn fat.

Perhaps you encountered a lowered metabolism in your 40s. Guess what? That issue is still around in your 50s and will only continue to compound. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

Taking action to halt weight gain can happen from one day to the next. And the decision you should make, aside from a little more careful consideration of food portions? Start strength training.

Muscle burns calories, even at rest. So the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. Unfortunately, we lose muscle mass with every decade that passes after the 30-year mark. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the rate of decline is about 3 to 5 percent muscle loss.

However, muscle mass isn’t fixed. It can be gained and lost, depending on the actions you take. This is good news for your health and your ability to eat treats, guilt-free.

Go to the gym and sign up for a strength-training program. You could begin one at home, too. YouTube has many free exercise videos that can guide you through beginner stages. Just be sure to check in with a doctor to make sure that your new fitness initiative is safe for your personal health profile.

Build better skincare habits.

Have fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable on your face? Wondering if the skincare routine that carried you through your thirties and forties will keep you at age 50?

It’s good that you are paying attention to the health of your skin. After all, feeling good in your skin helps you be confident and social. And some studies show that longevity is linked to a healthy social life.

The needs of aging skin are different from the needs of your skin at age 29. Your skin loses its ability to hold on to moisture. And there are sun spots, and other issues to worry about.

Your first step? invest in a high-quality nighttime moisturizer with retinol. Creams with this ingredient have become the gold standard for those who want to care for aging skin.

Next, start boosting your skin care habits by keeping a moisturizing mister with you in your bag. Quit habits that you know will exacerbate a dried out look to your skin, such as smoking and drinking.

Take up some nutrition classes on how what you eat affects your skin. It’s never too late to start up new and better habits! And that’s what decade 50 can be for you!

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