How to Promote Longevity as You Age

by Editorial Team May 20th, 2019 | Aging
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As we age, we may feel as if we are losing some of the functions we enjoyed in our youth. From memory loss to weakened muscles, we may wonder if there are any ways to continue promoting longevity as we age. While it is impossible to stop the effects of aging, there are strategies people can employ to promote health and longevity in their later years. Here are a few tips to help you promote longevity as you age.

#1: Exercise Your Brain

One of the best ways to slow aging is to keep your brain active. Without regularly exercising and challenging your brain, you could lower your brain function. Your brain likes to solve problems and puzzles, learn something new, and make connections. Supply your brain with new and challenging thoughts – complete crossword puzzles, learn a new skill, or study a new subject. These actions will keep you smart and sharp well into your later years.

#2: Visit the Doctor Regularly

By the time you reach your older years, you should be getting preventive care and screenings each year. Regular doctor’s appointments will help you spot illnesses before they progress into untreatable conditions, allowing you to live longer and enjoy your life.

When you do visit your doctor, make sure that you understand the medications and treatments you receive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you do not fully understand your medical conditions or requirements. Patients who do not understand their medications or treatments are at a higher risk of complications than patients who stay informed.

#3: Keep Your Body Moving

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of developing several chronic diseases and can help promote greater flexibility and movement as you age. If exercise has not been a regular habit up until this point, don’t be afraid to start now – you can make changes to significantly improve your health and perhaps reverse previous damage.

Aim to reach at least two and a half hours of regular exercise each week. If you’re struggling with choosing which exercise option to choose, think about the types of movement you enjoy and what your ability level is. For low-impact, effective exercises, take walks around your neighborhood or home, play with your grandchildren, or join a yoga class.

#4: Enjoy Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals

As we age, it is important to focus on the foods we put into our body. Use the With retirement and an empty nest, you can focus on cooking healthy meals and trying new recipes. Make sure to limit your intake of harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you incorporate into your diet.

#5: Keep Up with Your Social Life

We all know that eating healthy and exercising are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. However, many people tend to neglect the social part of health. Spending time with people you love is incredibly important during the aging process – especially after you retire. Making a plan for going out and spending time with people regularly can help you manage stress and maintain your social health. Think about how you want to maintain your social life in your retirement, and act upon it regularly.

Aging does not have to be a painful and complicated process. Taking time to make healthy changes can increase your well-being, promote longevity, and keep you well for years to come. By focusing on these healthy decisions, you can enjoy strength and comfort well into your old age.





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