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Is it a Summer Cold or Allergies?

by Kimberly Hays June 25th, 2015 | Common Conditions
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tissuesWith the temperatures sweltering above 80 degrees, having a runny nose and sneezing is just plain miserable. It can ruin outdoor plans and even a vacation. Though you may think you have picked up a cold virus, it could actually be something else – allergies. Though it is believed that seasonal allergies hit in the spring and autumn, allergies are common in summer too, and some people can suffer from allergies all year long. Most summer allergies are caused by mold. When the weather is hot, the spores take to the air, so mold spores are everywhere. There are more allergy issues caused by mold during the summer than pollen.

It is also a fact that adults who have never fallen victim to allergies can have an onset of allergies that will make them think they have a cold. Allergies are usually diagnosed in childhood, but you can develop allergies at any point in life. Allergies usually run in the family as well, and that can make some more susceptible. Allergies can also go away and come back many years later.

Though cold and allergy symptoms can emulate each other, there are some differences. If your symptoms have lasted for 2 weeks or more, then it is most likely allergies. A cold may linger, but the symptoms will not stay steady with no change. If your symptoms worsen at onset, then it is most likely a cold. You will start with a stuffy nose, followed by a scratchy throat, and low grade fever. After the onset, then the funny nose and sneezing will begin.

If your symptoms are more of the itchy variety in your eyes, nose, and throat, followed by sneezing, this is most likely allergies. These symptoms happen often to those with asthma, because 80 percent of asthmatics have allergies.

If you think you have allergies, you will not to see your doctor to determine its triggers, as well as any type of treatment you can take for relief. You may be prescribed an over the counter remedy, or if serious, you may have to have allergy shots.

No matter if you have allergies or a cold, if your symptoms worsen after a week’s time, you may have developed another issue, such as a sinus infection. This will require a doctor’s visit for treatment. As for what you can do at home for relief, try over the counter allergy medications, and stay indoors in the air conditioning as much as possible when symptoms are at their worst. For summer cold sufferers, take a fever reducer, such as Advil or aspirin, and drink a lot of fluids. Rest is also beneficial to recover from a cold quickly.

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  1. People don’t understand that you can development allergies at any point in time. They think they have a cold and treat for that. Then they see the doctor and say my cold is not getting better until the doctor tells them you have allergies. If you have cold symptoms in the summer get checked to see if its a cold before taking meds.

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