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Moviegoers, Beware.

by Louise February 8th, 2008 | First Aid, Health News
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Moviegoers, beware. Cloverfield is a newly released horror film that has caught much attention. Despite good ratings (nearly 8 out of 10 stars on IMDb.com) and reviews, there has been not-so-good news coming from the theaters.

Reportedly, the horror film has been making some people sick. The underlying reason to this is not gory content, but rather the filming style. Cloverfield is filmed entirely by handheld video cameras. Due to this, much of the film is shaky. The effect is intended, by the producers, to give viewers the feeling that they are part of the movie. But, the effect is giving some of the viewers an entirely different feeling.

Why does the shakiness cause viewers to become sick? The visual effects that the movie produces can mess with the balance system of a person’s mind. You may feel like you are moving, when everything is standing still. Sensors in your brain can become confused and cause you to experience dizziness and nausea (also known as vertigo).

You may ask yourself, “Is everyone affected?” The answer is no. Some people are more prone to this than others, just like motion-sickness in cars or roller coasters. Are you prone to motion sickness but still want to see the movie in theaters? Over-the-counter anti-vertigo medicines are available.

Although occurrences are rare, the effect of Cloverfield is something you should be wary of. If you’re very worried about the effects of the movie, waiting until you can watch the movie at home might be your best option.

Source: CNN News

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