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Red Wine and Fat Mice

by TK March 19th, 2008 | Health Research
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I am a big red wine fan. So anytime I can get health news that justifies me drinking red wine more often, I am a big fan. I found a study led by microbiologist David Sinclair from the Harvard Medical School, originally published at the end of 2006, that has convinced me to uncork a few more bottles of Burgundy!

Dr. Sinclair’s research involved fat mice and average girth mice. In the study, fat mice that consumed red wine lived as long and as healthy as the slim and trim mice. The fat mice which were on a high fat, high calorie diet were given resveratrol (a main component of red wine). The resveratrol-given mice showed healthy insulin control, livers, and cardiovascular systems.

So if you like cracking open a bottle of Merlot on a regular basis, you should read this study and drink to your health!

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