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That Uncomfortable Feeling

by Editorial Team September 18th, 2018 | Common Conditions
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As a female, there are a number of ailments, which we don’t necessarily want to talk about in general company. However, they are fairly common and easily discussed with your doctor. When you develop the symptoms, don’t delay, it’s time to call your doctor.

The Urinary Tract Infection
All of a sudden you need to use the ladies room every 15 minutes. When you do, there’s a burning sensation like you’ve never experienced. Time to call your doctor.

Sure, you could try a home remedy (Drink lots of cranberry juice!), but you want to know what you’re dealing with first. Other conditions can have similar symptoms.

To determine the cause of your pain and frequent trips to the bathroom, you’ll have a general exam and be asked to provide a sample that will be placed in urine tubes.

The Yeast Infection
(We’re going to keep this article simple and talk in common terminology.We’ll save the medical language for your appointment.)

If you’re experiencing discharge and itchiness in your female region, it’s time to call the doctor. He or she can better assess whether it’s a yeast infection or some other issue.

Like many conditions, there are non-medical treatments people swear by: eat yogurt, wear cotton panties, etc. However, if it is a yeast infection, you want to get it treated before it becomes horribly uncomfortable.

It’s a quick visit that usually involves a general assessment of your health and a culture. Yes, the culture does involve no clothing on your bottom half and stirrups, but it’s quick and painless.

For both of these ailments, you’ll have answers in no time and treatment that will have you feeling better quickly.

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