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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Man’s Perspective

by Joe Lawrence October 2nd, 2020 | Health Observance, Women's Health
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coupleOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month and an important reminder for all woman, but this article is aimed towards men. Bringing to light the merits of self examinations and prevention is paramount; however, another aspect of this month that amazes me are the heroes and their courage in the battle against a fierce enemy. As men we need to realize the impact we can have in aiding our loved ones in the fight.

Women like to talk about how tough they are and how men would never be able to bear a child. Princess Diana even once said “If men had to have babies, they would only ever have one each.” Although we like to claim our jar opening talents and such, there is admittedly a special strength that arises in women during tough times. They may scream at the sight of a spider, but they truly know how to cowgirl up when it comes to life altering news whether it is the joy of a new pregnancy or the solemn reality of a cancer diagnosis.
It amazes me the emotional  strength and courage present in women after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is akin to that of a soldier getting orders to a combat zone; he knows there is great danger, has a fear for the unknown, does not know if he will make it back, but he is not going to go down without a fight. What gets them through the conflict is the person next to them and the immense support they have at home.

It is no surprise to see the great bond formed between cancer patients and survivors; they are fighting a common enemy. Survivors have a look of understanding that they trade with other survivors and a deep compassion for those undergoing treatment. It is a beautiful bond that arises from a terrible thing that can only be likened to glances exchanged by veterans of war and these strong social support networks, statistically, make women more  likely to beat cancer and other illnesses. However, the bonds of friendship are nothing compared to the bond between spouses.

It is up to us men in their lives to be that security blanket we promised to be when we said “I do.” An example of such a person is Dean Toth. His wife Adrienne was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer just over a year ago. They were newlyweds who had just learned they were expecting a child. Talk about a perfect storm of emotions. I have never met Dean, but he is a man I admire. He didn’t just recite the vows of “in sickness and health,” he lived them. I have heard so many other examples of men (if you dare to call them that) who have left their spouse with a “not what I signed up for” excuse leaving their women to fight alone. As men we need to realize our women are at battle and need us to be there for them.

 (Photo courtesy of Scott Snyder)


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