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6 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

by Editorial Team September 26th, 2019 | Aging

Every woman wants to stay young and beautiful, but since the fountain of youth has yet to be found, the best you can do is follow a few beauty tips, take care of yourself, and age young. From eating foods that are packed with antioxidants to making sure to avoid drugs and alcohol at all costs, there are natural ways to stay young and then there are other ways as well. Keeping that in mind, if you want to age slower, read on below for a few ways to do it

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How to Promote Longevity as You Age

by Editorial Team May 20th, 2019 | Aging

As we age, we may feel as if we are losing some of the functions we enjoyed in our youth. From memory loss to weakened muscles, we may wonder if there are any ways to continue promoting longevity as we age. While it is impossible to stop the effects of aging, there are strategies people can employ to promote health and longevity in their later years. Here are a few tips to help you promote longevity as you age.

#1: Exercise Your Brain

One of

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Picking a Care Home for an Elderly Relative: Three Key Questions to Ask

by Editorial Team December 6th, 2016 | Aging
When it comes to major life decisions, picking out a care home for an elderly relative has to be one of the biggest.

On one hand, you’re hopeful that you’ll discover a hidden paradise where they can enjoy their hard-earned retirement in peace and style.

But you’ve also read the horror stories and watched the BBC exposes about nightmare care homes, so it’s no surprise you’re feeling more than a little daunted by the prospect of trying to find the perfect one.

With this in mind, we’ve identified three key questions to ask yourself before starting the search – bear them in mind
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The Prodigal Sun

by TJ Davis July 31st, 2010 | Aging, Cancer, Dermatology
While there are some benefits to exposure to natural sunlight - like improving mood, increasing vitamin D levels, enhancing sleep, and slowing the aging process down - it is wise to be cautious in the sun to avoid the detrimental effects of its ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet light causes skin to lose elastin, which is a primary factor in the formation of wrinkles. Elastin fibers are what help skin maintain elasticity. Without it, time and gravity will take its toll on the skin, stretching it and creating a rough and wrinkly surface, giving a premature appearance of aging.

Prolonged exposure to the
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Wearing Sunglasses

by Bea June 28th, 2010 | Aging, Diseases, Vitamins
Wearing sunglasses all of the time when you are outside can be harmful to your health, but it is important to use them. Confused? Well, your eyes have receptors in them that trigger Vitamin D absorption when they detect sunlight. If you block the UV rays from reaching your eyes, then it is likely that you will not absorb your daily need of Vitamin D from the sun. However, wearing sunglasses can help to protect your eyes so that they can stay healthier for a longer period of time.  There are many health benefits to wearing sunglasses because eyes that are regularly exposed to too much sun can develop serious
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