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Making the Right Choices for Your Health

by Editorial Team September 18th, 2018 | Common Conditions
In the times of our lives, we are all faced with the occasional big decision.  Often these are health related choices that can mean life, or death.  These vital moments of choice can often determine the destiny of not only the decision makers, but also the folks around them who can somehow be affected by it.  Parents have to make these types of health decisions for their children all the time.  So let’s examine the fundamentals of some of these choices and see if there are some signs to help us better decide what should be done.

To Operate or
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That Uncomfortable Feeling

by Editorial Team September 18th, 2018 | Common Conditions
As a female, there are a number of ailments, which we don't necessarily want to talk about in general company. However, they are fairly common and easily discussed with your doctor. When you develop the symptoms, don't delay, it's time to call your doctor.

The Urinary Tract Infection
All of a sudden you need to use the ladies room every 15 minutes. When you do, there's a burning sensation like you've never experienced. Time to call your doctor.

Sure, you could try a home remedy (Drink lots of cranberry juice!), but you want to know what you're dealing with first. Other conditions
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Simplify Where You Can

by Editorial Team August 9th, 2018 | Common Conditions
In modern times, it seems that it is a badge of honor to declare, "I am busy." Truthfully, many of us are busy between work, family, friends, home, and more. There just aren't enough hours in the day it seems. However, with just a little bit of planning, we can find some free time and maybe even whisper, "I'm not that busy."

Meal prep

You probably can't cut back on the number of hours you need to be at your job, but you can make your evenings easier. There are many ways to make dinnertime less hectic. One way is to prep
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How to Enjoy Your Best Health After Age 50- A Guide for Women

by Editorial Team August 4th, 2018 | Common Conditions
About to turn 50? Wondering what's up ahead? Be happy! You are joining the ranks of people who are living their best lives in this decade of life.

What's more, medical advances, quality of life, and life expectancy all continue to improve with each year that passes.

Want to fully live up to what could be your best decade ever?Follow these pointers that experts, nutritionists, and others in the medical community advise.

Pay attention to your smile.

Going to a dentist regularly to get advice on your teeth can help you stay on top of your smile. Your dentist can
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Dietary Supplements: What Are They and What Are They Used For?

by Editorial Team July 31st, 2018 | Common Conditions
You hear a good deal about “supplements” these days and the first thing that pops into many minds is athletes. It’s for the people who want to make themselves faster and stronger, right? Not necessarily. The FDA defines them as “products taken by mouth that contain a ‘dietary ingredient,’” which includes, among others, vitamins, minerals and herbs. That covers a lot of territory. Keep in mind, the following are not endorsements of any product nor guarantees of any relief. Always ask your doctor and/or pharmacist before using any supplement or over-the-counter product.

Physical ailments

As we age, we all become afflicted with aches, pains
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