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Cold and Flu Coming

by Kimberly Hays August 21st, 2012 | Common Conditions
So you’re not feeling well.  You have a stuffy nose, and are feeling weak? It could be a cold coming on, or it could be the flu. Knowing how to differentiate between the two is very important in treating it right away. Some of the symptoms are very similar, but there are some that are different that you need to pay close attention to in order to start the right treatment, or know if you need to see your doctor. Read on to be prepared for the upcoming cold/flu season.

The common cold usually comes on with a feeling of
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Colds: 9 Tips to Aid Recovery

by R. Carnavale July 26th, 2012 | Common Conditions
You’ve got a burning feeling in your nose or throat, a runny nose, and you’re sneezing. In addition, you’re mildly tired and feeling slightly unwell, and you don’t have a fever.

Chances are you have the common cold. You’re not alone. It’s estimated that Americans will suffer one billion colds over the course of a year. Young children average six to twelve colds per year, while adolescents and adults average two to four colds in a given year. More than 200 different types of viruses can cause a cold, with rhinovirus being the leading one.

Getting better quickly is your #1
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The Cold that Won’t Go Away

by R. Carnavale June 28th, 2012 | Common Conditions
Sometimes, when people have a cold, they just don’t get better, or their health actually worsens after 5 to 7 days. One possible cause: sinusitis. Sinuses are mucus-lined membranes surrounding air-filled spaces in the skull located behind the nasal bones, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. Healthy sinuses are germ-free, and mucus is able to drain, and air is able to circulate freely. When a person gets sinusitis, however, their sinuses become inflamed, and their sinus openings become blocked, too much mucus builds up, and germ growth flourishes.

Sinusitis comes in two flavors, chronic and acute. Here are the key symptoms of
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Saunas and Exercise Prevent Colds

by R. Carnavale May 31st, 2012 | Common Conditions, Exercise
Did you know that the common cold is the illness you will experience most frequently throughout your life? Here are two easy ways to prevent a cold, and, if you’re already coming down with one, reduce symptoms - twice weekly sauna bathing and regular exercise.

Researchers say that using a sauna at least twice a week speeds recovery from a cold, and it may cut the risk of catching one in half. Though scientists are uncertain as to how resting in a sauna helps, there’s a general consensus that dry heat may strengthen the immune system. People in a sauna
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Time to See a Doctor?

by Jessica B. May 3rd, 2012 | Common Conditions
It is always a bit of a dilemma.  Call the doctor or sweat the flu out at home? It is always frustrating to drag your sick self to the doctor’s office, wait 15 minutes, get poked and prodded only to hear, "It’s probably a virus; go home and rest."  And for that you have to pay 100 dollars. So when is the time to pick up the phone?

Are you having trouble breathing and/or coughing? If there is a chance things have moved into your lungs, and you are feeling heavy, you should go see your doctor. There might be
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