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Boost Your Energy The Natural Way

by Gumer Liston December 23rd, 2008 | Diet, Exercise
I have noticed that more and more "energy" drinks and energy-boosting supplements are popping up in the market. With more and more people today having fast-paced lifestyles, this is not surprising. People want to feel more energized so that they can keep up with the pace. But are these high-tech energy-boosting drinks really the answer? Health experts say that these energy drinks only give quick-fix effects that do not last long; the energy they give is artificial. The best way to boost our energy is the natural way. Here are seven suggested natural ways of boosting energy :

1. Take little
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Saving Your Leftovers

by Bea November 26th, 2008 | Diet, Nutrition
As mentioned in a comment on my previous post called Thanksgiving Tips, someone mentioned that it was the leftovers that they had to look out for. Well, that got me thinking, how do you deal with the leftovers?

There are many ways to eat away at the leftover dishes. Some people have their own special recipes, some people make turkey sandwiches, others create casseroles, and much more. The big issue is those desserts. Those pumpkin pies, apple pies, Watergate salads, pecan pies, all become snacking targets. I would suggest trying to give away these desserts. If you have a Thanksgiving
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Healthy Thanksgiving Food Choices

by MPK November 20th, 2008 | Diet, Nutrition
A week from today, many of us will be enjoying a large turkey dinner.  And, as noted in Thanksgiving Tips, there are many ways to avoid overeating on this day.  However, there are certain dishes that will be served that are good for you.

Winter squash, such as butternut or acorn, is high in potassium.  Of course, if it is mixed with butter and brown sugar, the value of the potassium is negated by the calories and fat.  To keep it healthy, steam or bake it.  Then mash it, and add a little cinnamon or nutmeg for flavor.  The
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Thankgiving Tips

by Bea November 18th, 2008 | Diet, Nutrition
It is that time of year again--Thanksgiving! Forgive me for stating this generalization, but in less than two weeks, most of us will be eating massive meals.

For those who are watching their waistlines, Thanksgiving very well could be an extremely hard time of the year to get through. With all of the tempting foods around you and the merry atmosphere, you want to eat and try out everything; hey, it's only one day right? Well, yes, it is only one day, but one day could throw your diet off. Feel free to splurge a little, but with an average
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Follow the Leader

by MPK November 6th, 2008 | Diet, Nutrition
Raising children is a lot like playing the game follow the leader.  Whether you, as the parent, realize it or not, your child mimics your actions.  So, if you use good manners, your child will learn to do the same.  Likewise, if you read (both for your own pleasure and to your child), your child will develop an appreciation for books and reading.

Recently, a study was completed to determine whether children follow in their parents' footsteps when making food choices.  As reported in the November 2008, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, children aged two to six chose
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