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Pregnancy and Cancer Dominate Online Searches

by TK April 13th, 2008 | Health News
According to comScore, in the month of February 2008, the terms "pregnancy" and "cancer" were the dominate health terms that were searched for in search engines.

"Pregnancy" was searched 8.8 million times (with many looking for early signs of pregnancy), and "cancer" was typed in 7.7 million times.
Most Commonly Searched Health Conditions
February 2008
Source: comScore, Inc.

Pregnancy --- 8,841,000 searches

Cancer --- 7,718,000 searches

Flu --- 1,824,000 searches

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Moviegoers, Beware.

by Louise February 8th, 2008 | First Aid, Health News
Moviegoers, beware. Cloverfield is a newly released horror film that has caught much attention. Despite good ratings (nearly 8 out of 10 stars on IMDb.com) and reviews, there has been not-so-good news coming from the theaters.

Reportedly, the horror film has been making some people sick. The underlying reason to this is not gory content, but rather the filming style. Cloverfield is filmed entirely by handheld video cameras. Due to this, much of the film is shaky. The effect is intended, by the producers, to give viewers the feeling that they are part of the movie. But, the effect is giving
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Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

by Editorial Team November 24th, 2007 | Health News
Emergency medical evacuation insurance (which can have card personalisation) is for travelers who want to be taken to good hospitals or medical centers, even if they are in the middle of a poor and rural area. It is also for the traveler who has a medical condition, and might need specialized care. This insurance pays for an ambulance, medical helicopter or plane to transport the traveler to appropriate medical care. Sometimes the transportation is a block of seats large enough for the injured traveler, medical equipment and a medical attendant. These costs can quickly add up. The numbers of
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Sense of Smell

by Editorial Team August 15th, 2005 | Health News
The sense of smell is complicated and remains largely unexplained. What we know of taste, smell and touch is miniscule in comparison to the knowledge we have amassed about vision and hearing. Smell is unique in that it is perhaps the most deep-seated of the senses. It was originally concerned with prey-localization, mating, feeding, and the formation of memories that would help facilitate future success in those areas. The sense of smell is closely associated with the Limbic System. Initially evolved for the purpose of evaluating smells, the Limbic System is situated deep in the brain and conducts experience and
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