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Colon Cleansing Conundrum

by TJ Davis August 13th, 2010 | Health Research, Herbal Supplements
If you are confused about the benefits of, hazards of, or even the need for colon cleansing, you are not alone. The debate about whether or not colon cleansing or colon therapy is good for you has never really been resolved. Colon cleansing is most often achieved these days with the aid of herbal supplements designed to speed up the digestive process and promote bowel elimination.

Critics object to the idea of colonic cleansers because they maintain that the body performs this function without assistance, and attempting to flush the intestines artificially can lead to increased risk of dehydration. Proponents
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by Bea October 27th, 2009 | Herbal Supplements, Illness, Medication, Nutrition, Vitamins
Ever heard of this stuff? It is called Airborne, and my roommate swears by this "stuff" whenever she thinks that she is about to get sick. Airborne is a drug-free formula that was developed by a second grade teacher at Spreckels Elementary School near Carmel, California. With all of the sick elementary kids around all of the time and her busy lifestyle, she wanted to make something that would support her immune system. After talking to herbalists, specialists, nutrition experts and more, she was able to come up with a formula that eventually would become the leading herbal supplement in
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Natural Home Remedies for Your Children

by Gumer Liston July 8th, 2009 | Children's Health, Herbal Supplements

We are now in the digital age, but some old-fashioned home remedies still are proving to be good at giving relief to minor health problems that children may have every now and then, like stomach aches, colic, colds, sore throat, or insect bites. Usually these old-fashioned home remedies are common things we find in the house like honey, lemon, ginger, chamomile tea, sugar and baking soda, and even duct tape. What is good about these natural home remedies is that they rarely have side effects, and they are always at home, ready to be put into use any time.
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Natural Sleep Remedies

by Louise May 5th, 2009 | Herbal Supplements, Sleep
Do you have days when you go you bed thinking, "Finally, time to catch up on some sleep," and twenty minutes later you still are laying wide awake just wishing there was some solution for this? Of course, we are aware of the medicines that exist for this problem, but we are also aware that these medicines can cause a person to develop dependency and are, perhaps, stronger than what we need. Want to fall asleep faster with more natural means? Try these remedies:

  • Magnesium is a sleep booster, so eating magnesium-rich food during the day can help you sleep better
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Plane Health

by Bea December 24th, 2008 | Herbal Supplements

This article was inspired by a four hour tarmac, or grounding, at Logan airport while waiting to depart for Amsterdam.

Allow me to begin by setting the scene. It’s 7:17pm in Boston, Massachusetts, in snowy wintry conditions. The plane should have left two minutes ago, but we’re still boarding because it’s being catered. It’s 7:47—we’re still sitting on the plane; hey, at least we’re on the plane, right? Well, now it’s 9:00, and they are finally telling us that we are waiting for the cargo to be loaded but that this is taking forever because it is so icy.

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