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Staying Healthy

by Editorial Team December 11th, 2017 | Illness
Part of being an adult is knowing when you're well, you're ill, and when you need to see a doctor. As a child, you could tell a parent that your tummy hurt or your throat was a sore. As an adult, you'll recognize the symptoms but need to decide for yourself whether it can be treated at home or needs an expert opinion.

So, how are you to know if you should just drink some extra fluids and rest or if you need to see the doctor? There are a few guidelines that can help with this decision.

  • Do you have
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Heart and Gum Disease: Health Connection

by R. Carnavale May 15th, 2012 | Dental Health, Illness
There’s a strong link between gum disease and heart disease and strokes; however, gum disease hasn’t been definitively proven to cause heart disease or strokes, according to a scientific statement issued in Circulation, an American Heart Association (AHA) journal. After reviewing more than 500 studies, researchers Peter Lockhart and Ann F. Bolger determined that currently, there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that gum disease causes heart disease or strokes: “Much of the literature is conflicting, but if there was a strong causative link, we would know that by now,” he says. Lockhart suggests a large, long-term study is
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Immune Boosters

by Louise May 1st, 2012 | Diet, Illness
It's not exactly what you might call "cold season," but that hasn't stopped a cold from spreading around my college campus. It's been a big concern for the track team, as we are heading into the championship season. Our coach is becoming frustrated by the number of absences at practice due to this nasty cold that continues to spread between teammates. He encourages taking cold medicine right after noticing the first symptoms.

As "luck" would have it, my roommate ended up being one of the first ones to catch a cold; instead of treating myself for symptoms, as my roommate
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Notorious Norovirus

by Lori Sciame May 30th, 2011 | Illness
It comes on quickly…many times without any warning. An hour ago you were fine, but now you feel violently ill with nausea and abdominal pain. What could have caused this misery?

Although you may not know it by its official name, norovirus has the honor of being one of the most common causes of illness in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that there are more than 21 million cases of acute gastroenteritis each year are due to norovirus infection.

Most people have suffered from diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain due to this pesky virus (which causes
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A Diet for A Sore Throat

by Louise March 11th, 2011 | Diet, Illness
Sore throats are, quite literally, a huge pain to deal with. It changes the way one's day works. A half-hour of exercise might be too painful to endure, and a simple sneeze might call for 5 or 10 seconds to recover from the ensuing pain. Here are a few temporary changes one can make to their diet in order ease the pain and be on the way to a healthy throat as soon as possible:

Drink plenty of fluids, mainly water. Your body is better at becoming healthy when it is properly hydrated. Even if you already follow the recommended
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