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Splinter Removal in 4 Easy Steps

by MPK April 9th, 2010 | Children's Health, First Aid, Injuries
The arrival of spring brings children to the outdoors, and the return of warmer temperatures often means that these children will be outside barefoot and not covered from neck to ankles in clothing.  It also means there's a greater likelihood of hiking and camping. Be prepared for your camping trip, not only with good blankets and a tent, but also first aid supplies.

If your child receives a cut or scrape, an adhesive bandage will help, but splinters need a little more attention.  Although the cries of your child may tempt you to delay removing the splinter, it is
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First Aid Kit Update

by MPK February 10th, 2010 | First Aid, Injuries
In December, we published an article about the essential first aid supplies you should keep at your house.  This quite thorough list will have you prepared for almost any minor injury or illness.  However, after a recent injury occurred at our house, we discovered that one important item was lacking- non-adhesive dressings.

The list provided by the American Red Cross does include many important supplies for wounds.  (more…)
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First Aid Kit Essentials

by Louise December 14th, 2009 | First Aid, Injuries, Medication
In New Hampshire, we already have had a snowstorm that handed us an inch of snow per hour for at least a quarter of the day. When it's falling that fast, it is best to stay at home. But what if it keeps falling, the power goes out, and you are stranded? Then, on top of that, what if someone gets badly burned, cut, or injured in another manner? Do you have a well-equipped first aid kit? Band-aids and Neosporin just won't cut it.  Though it's a good idea to have health insurance in place for treatment in the long
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Bikram Yoga

by Bea July 29th, 2009 | Exercise, Injuries
I recently started taking a Bikram Yoga class in Boston, Massachusetts, because I wanted to try something new. My friend works there, so she told me about the trial period classes, and I thought it would be a fun thing to try! (more…)
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A Simple Solution

by MPK March 31st, 2009 | First Aid, Injuries, Women's Health
Perhaps, like most people you have suffered from the pains of a sore muscle or cramps.  To alleviate this pain, you crave nothing more than to place something warm against the pained area. What are your options?

1.  You could purchase an electric heating pad. Of course, that means you need to sit somewhere near an outlet.

2. You could purchase a package of adhesive heating pads.  However, most of these have a strong odor.  Also, they are single use items, making them rather expensive.

3.  You could purchase a microwavable heating pad.  Reusable and no need for an outlet, makes this a
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