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Mental Health Books

by Jessica B. May 14th, 2015 | Mental Health
There are a lot of books out on the market that aim to help you with your mental health issues, but some are better than others. Here is a guide to some must reads if you are looking to study up on how you can work to improve your mental health.

The Tools, by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels is a good example of a book that gives you some concrete ways and actions you can take to help deal with issues in your life.

The Tools focuses on four issues they believe hold clients back. They are pain avoidance, a
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Insurance and Mental Health Issues

by Jessica B. February 4th, 2015 | Mental Health
Although we would all like to believe that our health care is based on a series of decisions between ourselves and our doctors, the truth is that our health insurance company has a huge influence over what kind of treatment we receive and for how long. Many people are well aware of what kind of coverage they have when it comes to funding, but coverage for mental health issues can be extremely controversial and difficult to navigate. Here are some things to consider with an insurance plan.

1) Does your plan set a number of visits per illness? Many types
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Mental Health: 10 Ways to Use Art to Heal

by R. Carnavale January 8th, 2015 | Mental Health
The poet Antonin Artaud (who was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward on several occasions) thought that art first heals the artist, who then helps heal others, via his or her artwork, later. Artaud went on to develop his creative abilities as a means of therapy. He is not alone -- many famous artists, like D. H. Lawrence and Frida Kahlo, have also considered the psychological aspects of creating art, which can lead to self-transformation. If you suffer from a mental illness, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety or depression, creative artistic expression (with other appropriate therapeutic treatments) can
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Your Mental Health Care & Birth Defects

by R. Carnavale December 2nd, 2014 | Health Observance, Mental Health
When you're pregnant, you can help maintain your mental health before, during and after pregnancy by taking extra care about what you put in your body so that you can help prevent birth defects from occurring in your unborn baby. If you're self-medicating or using prescription drugs to treat a mental illness, you'll want to inform all of your doctors about your pregnancy and what medications you're taking in order to ensure the health and well being of you and your unborn baby. If you're currently using any of the following substances for any reason, be sure to ask
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Mental Health and Alzheimer’s National Awareness

by Jessica B. November 27th, 2013 | Health Observance, Mental Health
It is Alzheimer’s National Awareness Month and an important time to increase awareness about one of the most debilitating mental health illnesses that can strike the elderly. Almost three fourths of dementia cases are caused by Alzheimer’s disease – a neurodegenerative disease that wreaks havoc on the brain and leaves the sufferer a shell of their former self.

How does Alzheimer’s affect mental health? – Alzheimer’s can have many different affects on the average person’s ability, some cases move faster than others. It attacks memory, language and thought processes, making a variety of actions difficult. Things as simple as putting
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