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College Health

by Kendall Ryan September 13th, 2010 | Diet, Exercise, Sleep
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College is a time for adjustment for your mind and body. It is hard to get used to such a big change but something you must be most conscious of is your health. Here are some guidelines to keep you healthy this year:

  • Eat healthy. Try to each a lot of fruits and vegetables and minimize the carbs. Carbs are easier and faster to eat on the go but a lot worse for you! Pizza is fast but loaded with oils and fat from the cheeses. Although a healthier diet may be a tad more expensive, you have to allocate your funds accordingly. For example, if things are that tight, be mature enough to make the decision to save your $20 cover charge for the local bar and put it towards produce one week. In the long run, you will be healthier for it!
  • Be healthy. Try to exercise 3-5 times a week. You could do 7 times per week but just don’t burn yourself out. Exercise relieves stress and makes you physically and mentally healthier.
  • Look healthy. Try to get to sleep at a reasonable time each night. Yes, 8 hours is enough sleep, but when you can take advantage of getting more! You do not want to show up to class wit circles under your eyes and looking like you were out partying when you were really up studying!
  • Stay Healthy. Try your very hardest to establish and maintain a balance between work and play. Try not to do homework on a Friday afternoon if it is not absolutely necessary. Make that afternoon a relaxing one and do something you enjoy.
  • Love Healthy. Love how healthy you are. Take pride in your work, yourself, and your efforts to stay healthy. People will follow when they see your plan working for you.
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