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Fall into Fitness

by Lori Sciame October 3rd, 2011 | Exercise
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Fall offers great opportunities for unique ways to exercise. If you think “outside the box,” you can enjoy all the season has to offer, along with getting in a good work out. Read on to find out how.

1. Visit a Corn Maze

If you live in the corn-belt, you probably have seen these mazes advertised as a way to get “lost” in the corn. Making your way through the twists and turns among towering stalks of corn brings out the adventurous side of most people. Some mazes involve answering questions in order to find your way out, such as the one in Hendricks County, Indiana. Information on the maze at Beasely’s Orchard’s states that answering the questions correctly helps you finish in 30 minutes, yet answer the questions incorrectly, and it could take hours. Other mazes are not as sophisticated, yet they offer great fun for a fall walk.

2. Pick Your Own Apples

Picking apples can also provide a unique way to exercise. Imagine walking among the trees, the smell of ripe apples heavy in the air, the sun shining while you meander through the orchard. You can make your apple picking adventure more of a challenge by walking to the farthest end of the orchard, then working your way back towards the entrance. And stretch those arms by reaching for prime fruit, not just for the low hanging ones.

3. Attend a Pow Wow

If you’ve never been to a Native American Pow Wow, you’re missing out on one of the most uplifting experiences a person can possibly have. The energy of the dancers is infectious, and the incessant drum beat makes those in the audience want to move as well. The good thing is that many Pow Wows occur across the country during the fall, and several offer chances for those in the audience to join in. Not only will you burn calories, you will learn about an important part of American history.

4. Rent a Canoe or a Kayak

Fall is the perfect time to rent a canoe or kayak to explore your local parks and waterways. With the summer rush behind us, less people will be out on the water, which allows for a more serene look at wild life. In addition, the trees are turning in many parts of the country, and the beauty of the colors reflected on the water make this exercise option even more worthwhile.

5. Hike

With the first frost, the insect population dwindles, and the days offer more moderate temperatures. Both of these factors set the stage for perfect hiking weather. All across the United States parks offer miles of hiking trails. One such park, the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is located close to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers 30,000 acres of hills, forests, lakes, and grasslands. This park is especially unique, as it was formed during the ice age. The Ice Age Trail is 31 miles long, and it “…follows sinuous eskers and tumbled moraines descending into bogs and deep kettles” (StatePark.com).

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