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Preening Your Postpartum Health

by Editorial Team October 19th, 2017 | Women's Health
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In the chaos of the time immediately after childbirth, your personal health can take a backseat. However, a study by the Annals of Family Medicine found that the women suffer post-childbirth symptoms for five weeks.

Science therefore shows that women, and especially working women, could perhaps do a little more to preserve their health after childbirth. We already know that certain chemicals harm reproductive health for mothers and those trying for a baby. So, what can you do to feel and look better post birth?

Physical Wellbeing

Having a baby is a huge ask of your body’s resources. If you’ve changed your body shape or look throughout pregnancy, the simplest way to reach your goals is gentle exercise. You can step this up as the weeks go on. Beware of taking it too hard too soon; pregnancy subtly alters many aspects of the human body, including bone and ligament strength.

Physical health can also be linked to mental well being which will be covered in more depth below. Self-esteem issues can be a big problem and are inextricably linked to your physical health and appearance. For this reason, there are doctors now offering therapeutic procedures for mothers. Bio-Oil, for example, is a time honoured cosmetic method reccomended by dermatologists. Plastic surgeon Dr. Berardi, who performs mommy makeovers in Scottsdale has asserted that surgery, both intrusive and therapeutic, can yield physical results. The ultimate benefit of both of these, and various other treatments, is a boost to self confidence damaged by superficial problems.


When you’re ‘eating for two’, you’ll be taking at least 300 extra calories on each and every day, regardless of your build. Some mothers find it easy to taper off their intake after pregnancy, but it’s understandable to struggle if you’ve found a routine. However, the health risks of overeating are pronounced and well publicised, and especially when it’s junk food.

The trick to getting your appetite down is to eat the right sorts of foods. Studies have proved that protein battles away hunger, and is one of the more productive macronutrients. Try and make use of protein-heavy snacks instead of sugary ones. This will help you if you’re exercising, too.

Mental Health

The hormones associated with pregnancy can have profound effects during pregnancy. Less well researched, and often disregarded, is the psychological effect of the situation as a whole . You’ve just changed your routines, followed every 9 months, and are instantly forced to pick up a whole set of new ones! It’s a shock, it’s hard, and the mental health of many pregnant women suffers as a result.

The problem with a lot of mental health exercises are that they are time-consuming and sometimes hostile to beginners. So, how about picking up your phone and using a mental health smartphone app? Often designed for beginners and to be consumed in bite-size packages, they could well be your path to a bit of tranquility. You can encourage your kids to use them, too.

Pregnancy is a life altering event that some take for granted. However, your mind and body can change in ways that you might not expect. Hopefully, with the options out there and available to you, you can recognise any trouble you encounter and remedy it.

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