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That Freshman 15

by Bea September 6th, 2010 | Diet, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep
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College… it is the time for new beginnings and reinventing one’s being. It can be pretty exciting, but also stressful for most students. They want to try new things and are eager to dive into their new environment. This environment includes new classes, new sights, new friends, and unfortunately (for the most part), a new wardrobe. Why? Well, it is because you just cannot seem to get that very last button put in place on those shirts anymore or the button on your jeans might take a lot of sucking in of your stomach in order to get the jeans to button.

You know what I am talking about– The Freshman 15!

It is not that hard to avoid gaining the extra pounds; you just really have to take care of yourself. It is natural to gain some weight as you grow into your adult body, but there are obviously ways to avoid gaining an excessive amount of weight.

So, what exactly causes the Freshman 15 to happen?

  • Stress. Not just the stress of classes, but social stress, personal stress, and more. Stress creates an imbalance in the body and does not allow the body to function normal.
  • Easy access to snacks. There are vending machines everywhere when you are in college and the quickest way to get some food in your stomach is to just grab a snack rather than swiping for a meal in the dining hall or cooking food at home. Snacking with unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies and candy are never a good solution. However, snacking on an apple or a granola bar would definitely be a step in the right direction. Also, an apple or a granola bar will make you feel much more energized and healthier.
  • Late night dining. Yes, the Europeans do it, but in America, late night dining is a major issue. Because most of the late night dining options are take-out Chinese or pizza, these “meals” are never good. In any event, eating late is never good for your stomach.
  • Last, but not least, the¬†alcohol. There are so many calories in alcohol! Not only that, but there are more unhealthy things associated with it that contribute to the Freshman 15.

Try to avoid it by taking good care of yourself!

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