Tips for Creating a Safe Oasis that Provides Peace of Mind

by Editorial Team August 26th, 2015 | Mental Health
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stressHome is where the heart is. It’s where you receive the most protection and shelter from the ways of the world and the environment. It is expected to be a place where you can let your hair down and unwind, so to speak. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in life, and thus creating an oasis, a humble abode that gives you peace of mind is only right.

So how does someone create peace of mind within the confinements of their own home?

1.  Create a Sense of Security

Your home should be a location that you can retreat to and feel safe from the dangers or the world around you. However, if your home does not provide the sense of security that you’re looking for, you don’t feel as safe. To provide peace of mind within the home, consider taking certain security measures.

Home-security.co, a site that gives consumer information on how to get ADT in Florida homes as well as other states such as Georgia, New Jersey, and New York. Installing home security systems, updating locks on windows and doors, and even having a personal safe in the home can give you that added protection and sense of security you need to feel good while you’re at home.

2.  Get Rid of Unnecessary Mess

In the course of a lifetime a person can accumulate a lot of mess. Anything from clutter to negative energy from others in the household can be categorized as mess. If not dealt with properly it can really ruin your ability to find peace in your own home.

Evaluate your household and see what mess may need to be removed or minimized to help you feel good each day you walk through the door. If you have a bunch of clutter lingering around, clean it up. Have a particular family member that has a pessimistic attitude? Talk to them about their viewpoints and how it makes you feel.  If their demeanor continues to drain your energy, it may be time to consider parting ways or finding ways to coexist that doesn’t have to drain you daily. The more mess you can remove from your life, the better your mind will feel.

3.  Get Organized

There is nothing worse than having a disorganized household. Again, this has a double meaning. You can be disorganized in that nothing is in its place. This makes it hard for you to function daily resulting in stress. However, your household could also be disorganized as it pertains to having healthy relationships in general. If you and your spouse are constantly arguing about finances, the kids seem to never get along, and your personal belongings are in disarray, trust and believe that this can really way on you mentally. Though you can’t possibly organize every single detail of your life, you can make things easier to cope with so that you don’t get frustrated or stressed mentally.

If finances are the issue, create a budget that allows you and your spouse to be on the same page. If the kids aren’t getting along, find ways for them to assert their individuality without them having to constantly yell and hit each other. If you can never find anything you’re looking for, reorganize the rooms in your home so that everything you need is easily accessible.

4.  Create a Meditative or Calming Space

It goes without saying that sometimes the “madness” in your house will occur. On days where you just need to unwind, you need a space that you can retreat to. Find a space in your home and make it your own. Whether this is your room, home office, or another special area in the home, do what you can to personalize it and make it a safe haven. You can do things like add a radio so you can listen to soothing music, use scented candles for aroma therapy purposes, or place self improvement books in the room that you can read.

5.  Spend Time Doing Things that You Love

You can easily eliminate the stresses and chaos from your life by simply doing more to invest in yourself. Spend time around the house doing things that bring you joy. Learn a new recipe, do yoga in your living room, lounge on the patio furniture in your backyard, or even watch a movie with your family. These are all things that can be done in the comfort of your own home that provide peace of mind.

You should not dread coming home on the daily basis. You should not have a fear in the world when you’re in your humble abode. Sadly, many of us do. The good thing however, is that you can do something about it. Finding ways to remove the stresses from your home, increase the peace, and find a sense of security will ultimately bring you inner peace and happiness. No, nothing in life is perfect, but at the very least, home will continue to be the place that you go to feel replenished, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

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