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Ways to Quit Smoking

by Gumer Liston July 15th, 2009 | Addiction, Men's Health, Women's Health
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picEvery smoker is unique physically and mentally, so there is no exact effective method of quitting smoking. Smoking is an addiction, and every addicted individual reacts to the withdrawal symptoms differently.  If one method does not work for you, just try another. Here are some of the tested and proven ways of quitting smoking that may help those who are struggling to end their smoking habit:

Set your mind to quit smoking. This is probably the most difficult  of all that is listed here. It is easy to fool one’s self that one’s mind is set on quitting, but deep inside it’s not really the case. But once one’s mind is really set on quitting, it will be less difficult to follow other steps that may help you to quit.

Cut it slowly. You can start by smoking one less cigarette each day until you reach the point where you smoke your last. For some people this is quite effective, it is actually a way of conditioning one’s mind to the inevitability of the end of the habit.

Avoid fellow smokers. If you are on the process of slowly lessening the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, it is easier to keep yourself from lighting up when you don’t see someone who is smoking. Many smokers have wasted weeks of progress because they have seen someone smoke in front of them and their resolve melted.

Use some substitute for cigarettes. Of course, if you are a hard smoker, it may seem that nothing can substitute cigarettes, but it is better to use something like mint candies or chewing gum than just using your will to control your habit.

Exercise. As you slowly progress through cutting the number of cigarettes you consume, put some more exercise into your daily routine. Exercise can help a lot in warding off some of the withdrawal symptoms.

Avoid social gatherings, like parties, where alcohol and cigarettes are abundant when you are still in the process of quitting. It is very easy to throw away a month’s worth of progress in quitting smoking when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Get someone to quit smoking too. It is easier to quit when you have someone, a fellow smoker, who is also trying to quit. You will have more resolve to quit than when you are alone in your endeavor.

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  1. Paulineh says:

    My son has recently started to give up smoking after having a bad cold and I am so happy that he has done that. I was worried that it would damage his health. He has cut down to one cigarette a day which he has been able to maintain at this stage. As you said it is when he socializes that the temptation to have a cigarette is at its highest.

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