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Nutrition Tactics to Get Healthy

by R. Carnavale June 5th, 2012 | Health Observance, Men's Health
June is Men’s Health Month, and nationwide, health fairs, screenings, and health education events geared towards men will be scheduled. The focus is on preventing health problems. One way men can look out for their health is to embrace a healthy diet that gets rid of fat and builds muscles like the TNT—targeted nutrition tactics—Diet, which is geared towards men. The TNT Diet claims to be a scientifically-based way to lose weight and to reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease without having to count calories. In addition, men can eat the foods they love and exercise just 90 minutes
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Eating Disorders Are Not a “Female Problem”

by Jane Wangersky March 25th, 2011 | Children's Health, Men's Health, Mental Health, Nutrition
Most people would picture someone with an eating disorder as a very thin -- or very overweight -- girl or young woman, not as an athletic, muscular young male. Yet, though eating disorders affect boys and men less often, they do strike them -- and the patient's self-image as an athlete can be a factor. The results can be just as devastating as they are for girls and women, especially if they don't receive eating disorder treatment.

Let's take a quick look at exactly what eating disorders are. The National Institute of Mental Health sums
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by Louise January 18th, 2010 | Men's Health, Nutrition, Vitamins, Women's Health
If you are having trouble getting all of the vitamins you need, you might consider taking daily vitamin supplements. Though there are a few studies against having people take multivitamins, in 2002, an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and written by members of the Harvard School of Medicine,  concludes that "it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements." Daily supplements, however, are not a "one-size-fits-all" kind of solution. There are many different types of multi-vitamins available. They are tailored specifically towards a specific gender and age group. You will find them clearly marked so
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Make Love More Often and Live Longer

by Gumer Liston January 12th, 2010 | Health Research, Heart Health, Men's Health, Women's Health
If you enjoy sex (I know that there is a big chance that you do), you'll surely enjoy engaging in it more often after you read the soon-to-be-published article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The article, which surveys decades of studies on health and sex, spells out the health benefits one can gain from having sex more often. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the editor-in-chief of the journal says that the article will make you see how important sexual activity is. He also said that "human beings were really meant to do it." In the article researcher Stuart Brody states that
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Christmas Gift for a Health-Focused Person

by TK January 1st, 2010 | Men's Health, Women's Health
Over on Idea Offer, we asked a question that got a lot of creative ideas submitted.  In the spirit of the holiday season and gift giving, we asked the question, "If you were going to buy a gift for a health-focused person, what would you get him/her?"

The winning answer came from SDW911:

Make up a basket out of hand picked items from your local health food store. Pick an organic fruit & veggie basket. Maybe an herbal tea basket.

What would you give a friend who is very focused on his or her health?
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